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HM PFC-150 Automatic Cartridge Filling Production Line

1. Simultaneity use domestic high grade cartridge, inner stopper and outside cap, greatly save the cost and wasting materials.
2. Betimes shortcut after service and perfect spare parts, maintenance Pharmacy industry’s production in gear.
3. According to the different Pharmacy factory, different specification designs, production to satisfy more specifications, more variety and more competition.
HM PFC-W150 Automatic Cartridge Washing Machine
1.This machine uses net bag to feed the cartridge, intermission style wring-wheel to feed, mechanical manipulator nip the object, water and air intercross to wash the Inner and Outside. The unit is equipped with a transparency organic glass water-proof cover, the complete rinsing process can inspect and the rinsing effect can be checked at any moment, too. After rinsing, it is qualified to spray the silicon oil on the inner and outer, then feeding by mechanical manipulator in order to guarantee the stabilization. It can collocate the Ultrasonic rinsing according to the customer’s requirement.
HM PFC-T150 Cartridge Sterilization Drying Tunnel
1.Sterilization Tunnel is designed according to the current market request, adopting the domestic and foreign advanced experience. Suiting to sterilization, heating and keep temperature of unstable containers specially slender fine-spun containers.
2.This tunnel is composed of heating pipe, recycle fan, wind absorbing device, wind exhausting device, heat exchanger, conveyer chain, etc. using layer style hot air recycling elements to make sure the high temperature area and cooling area of oven up to setting temperature, to achieve the demand of the production technology.
HM PFC-F150 Pre-fill Cartridge Filling& Capping Machine
1.According to the cartridge no-bottom’s feature, we especially create no-bottom contacting suspending style, no-crowding and straight moving structure, which completely accord with each item of GMP request. This machine fulfils the function of bottom stoppering, filling and capping of pre-fill cartridge. The machine’s main parts are adopted the high quality of Stainless Steel. The whole unit is designed as the no dead angle and easy-cleaning’s principle. PLC program control, beautiful shape, strict structure and convenient operation’s advantages.
HM PFC-F120 Cartridge Pre-Fill & Capping Machine

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