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HM CF-S series Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine 

       Suitable capsule:   00#,0#,1#,2#,3# hard capsule

       Model:  HM CF-S12.5

       Capacity:   12500pc/h

HM CF-A series Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 

Intermittent,Tamping Type

       Max.speed:  120,000pcs/h

       Usage:   fill required amount of granule or pellet in empty capsule then seal it 

       Max. speed:   120,000pcs/h

       1.  separate hanged control box and big colorful touch screen, avoid powder and water come inside control box.
       2.  new design for driving system, remove spring to support cam,
            drive system under machine is easy and convenient for maintenance;
       3.  new design for filling movement, upper mould up and down movement,
            lower mould left and right movement, so the movement is simplified and more stable;
       4.  new design for change over change parts-lift up mould to move away, easy for operator;
       5.  new design for automatic oil lubrication, no need manual feeding oil;
       6. for faster machine HM CF-A120, equipped two vacuum pump instead of one vacuum pump
       Suitable raw material:   granule, 40-80meshes, with reasonable fluidity and plasticity;
                          pellet, 10-15meshes
       Suitable capsule:   00#,0#,1#,2#,3#,4#,5# hard capsule or safety capsule A,B,C,D,E
       Working principle:   tamping structure.
       1. sequence empty capsules to put into holes of  inetermittent rotary plate, plate rotate and open empty capsules;
       2. fill granule or pellet (with pellet feeding equipment) into dose;
       3. five times press raw material in dose to form medicine column;
       4. push medicine column from dose into body of opened empty capsule;
       5. seal capsule and reject fault one
       Filling percentage:   >99%
       Filling error:   +/-3%
       Model:   HM CF-A12/24/48/60/72/90/120
       Capacity:   12000/24000/48000/60000/72000/90000/120000pcs/h

HM PO-(C/CT) Capsule Polisher 

       HM PO-C Capsule Polisher:   with sorting function, suitable only for capsule
       HM PO-CT Capsule Polisher:   without sorting function, suitable for both capsule and tablet
       Capacity:   360,000pcs/h(HM PO-C); 420,000pcs/h(HM PO-CT)


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