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 HM CC-H series   High-efficiency Candy Coating Machine    Can not only coat sugar, but also coat film.
High efficiency, Saving energy, Clean,  Automatization,
It is most Quality, Economical and Modern choice for you !

HM CC-H series High-efficiency Candy Coating Machine 
Traditional Sugar Coating Pan
* Can not only coat sugar, but also coat film. With film coating, candy is waterproof, oil-proof, dustproof and lightproof; no candy will be intenerated, slimy or changed shape.
*  Can only coating sugar. With sugar coating, candy is easy to moldy, soften and crack.
High effective and saving energy: short production cycle, high-speed coating with about 2–5 hour/batch; high thermal efficiency and slight energy loss.
*   Long production cycle with about 9-16 hour/batch; large energy consumption.
Automatic control, simple operation, saving labor and steady quality: Perfect technology, PLC programme and touch screen control, automatically adjust technical parameters of spouting, spraying, air inlet, exhausting, temperature and rotating speed. Coating performance is even and beautiful.
*   Manual operation,
low automation, unsteady quality.  Coating performance is uneven.
Coating weight is easily controlled, can save coating material well: coating weight can be min. 1%-5%, and adjustable; small loss coating medium.
*   Coating weight is about 50%-100%; huge loss of coating medium.
*   Closed structure, clean and sanitary: covered production, no dust and stain for products or workshop.
*   Open structure, uncovered operation, heavy dust and stain.

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